Frequently Asked Questions

How to get registration code?

  1. Open product page and scroll down, hit “DOWNLOAD NOW” button
  2. Install program and start it
  3. There will be window with your Computer ID, copy it
  4. computer id

  5. On web-page click “BUY NOW“, paste Computer ID, enter your email and click “Buy Now”
  6. Buy Now

  7. Complete payment, code will be sent within 12 hours to email entered in point “4

I have reinstalled my system/moved to new computer, code doesn’t work, what to do?

If Your Computer ID change, Registration Code will need to be replaced. Send us new Computer ID, old code will be replaced – contact support via Contact Us form or reply to registration email.

What if website update will stop the software?

Let us know if there is any problem, depending on complication level it will be fixed within 48h max (mostly it takes few hours since email is opened). Updates are automatically detected while starting program.