ReverbNation Manager

ReverbNation Manager

“As of August 2013, 3.0 million musicians have created ReverbNation accounts, and the website receives over 30 million unique visitors per month.”
It is great opportunity to get new fans, thanks to RN Manager it will be easy 🙂


  • Multiple accounts support, if there is few profiles under one login bot will process them all/first from list (depending on “Settings”)
  • Set limit of un/followed users in session
  • Store already followed id’s and don’t follow them again (to avoid suspecting for spam)
  • Ignore users added manually. Use this option if you followed some users manually & they don’t follow you but you don’t want to remove them

Send PM:

  • Multiple accounts support
  • Send messages to Your followers, even if you don’t follow them back message will be delivered
  • Spintax support (e.g. “[hi|hello|howdy] James” = “hi James”, “hello James” etc)
  • Variables support (e.g. Shakira sends message to Rihanna “hi *username*! Let’s make hit together! *myusername*” = “hi Rihanna! Let’s make hit together! Shakira“)
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